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Congratulations successful revision of Zhenghe web
Click:3224 Date:2008-11-18 15:08:12

    In order to enhance the company image and increase publicity for the company's drumbeating, also for creating good conditions of management and development of Suzhou Zhenghe Indstrial Co.,Ltd, Zhengbu website on June 18, 2013 successfully complete the upgrade , new website more rich, more timely updates
    To improve the company's image, to facilitate product drumbeating, and provide our customers best services, enhance the company's influence is the purpose of upgrading the website. We made ​​a big adjustment on setting columns , functional design, services content and form of expression and so on. We further integration of information resources to provide the customers more comprehensive, efficient and convenient services.
    "Customer’s satisfaction" is our greatest goal, we will continue to supply the best service to our customers. And we will continue learning with more enthusiasm and dedicated, We will supply more professional services.
    New website will further shoten the distance between the customers and us. We can more accurately understand the customer's needs, and the customers can get more information about Zhenghe machines, it’s a good platform for friendly exchanging with customers.
    New website marking the company in the media have a higher demand and achieve a higher level, it’s a solid foundation for the company long-term development.
    Zhenghe eager to more attention and welcome your precious advices.

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